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Bloke's Hilarious Gumtree Ad For A BBQ Changed His Life

A tongue in cheek ad selling a second hand BBQ on Gumtree has literally changed the life of one Aussie bloke.

Back in 2014 Jess Wheeler decided to put his trusty old barbecue on the online auction site for a measly $70 cash.

In the description for the old cooker Jess wrote this was his “greatest attempt to flog a piece of cooking equipment since George Foreman entered the grill business.”

Mr Wheeler dubbed it an 'Enchanted BBQ' and eventually his ad had over 70,000 views online.

Mr Wheeler claimed the magical “relic of culinary excellence” he had “found in a sand-swept bazaar named Barbeques Galore” helped him “bed Scarlett Johansson on the back of a unicorn and maintain a 100 per cent strike rate when inserting a USB stick.”


Gumtree’s site crashed with the amount of people trying to view the ad, and Mr Wheeler's creativity was noticed worldwide which led to job offers from China and New Zealand.

Three years on and Mr Wheeler is working at creative agency Fenton Stephens and he has received further publicity when he created an advertisement for his wife’s “most boring car in the world” describing it as the “vehicular equivalent of Jim Carrey in The Truman Show”

He eventually sold the second hand Mazda for the full asking price of $15,000.

It's fair to say that he is a great example of how “a little bit of creativity goes a long way.”

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