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Bloke Wears Beer Carton On Head While Covering Speed Camera

Not since Ned Kelly put on his tin helmet have we seen anything like THIS!

A bloke in Tamworth has been filmed taken on by covering up a mobile speed camera, all while in disguise wearing an empty VB carton over his head.

A video showing the man who has been nicknamed 'The Demerit Man', was filmed on Friday afternoon with the caption "not all heroes wear capes".

The footage shows a man with a VB carton on his head and wearing a singlet, shorts and thongs running up to a mobile speed camera unit and sticking a tea towel over the back of it.

Already more than 55,000 social media users viewing it and hundreds more sharing it by Tuesday afternoon.

The Facebook caption reads, "Introducing Demerit Man, protected by his photo-proof beer box hat, he swoops in to foil the plans of his arch nemesis,"  

One Facebook user wrote, "I think an Order of Australia medal should be awarded to this fine fellow!,"

Another commentator observed, "This is why Australia is the greatest country in the world," 

"Only thing VB is good for," another dry wit notes.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services have confirmed they are aware of the stunt and that an investigation is currently underway.


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