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Big W Customers Are Really Unhappy With Their Range

Look. We love Big W more than anything in the world.

But shoppers are unhappy with the retail giant for what they are saying are ‘Grinch style’ tactics by removing all mention of Christmas from their season tree range.

Shoppers will be staring at non-denominational holiday product with boxes and sign­age scrubbed clean of mentions to the Christian holiday.

The traditional style of tree is now called a “Grand Pine Tree” and the snow-covered version has been labelled the “White Forest Tree” despite being surrounded by seasonal decorations.

A Big Spokeswoman has said “We know that many of our customers get really excited about Christmas and a number of customers like to co-ordinate their home Christmas decorations,”


“In order to assist our customers co-ordinate their Christmas trees and decorations, we label packaging with key Christmas themes.”

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