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BE WARNED: A New Hack Lets ANYONE Use Your Phone!

Just when you thought your iPhone was safe... think again! Despite your intricate password pranksters have found a loophole in Apple's software and are using it to their advantage. 

The trick allows people to send messages, make calls and even post Facebook updates from your phone EVEN when it's locked. 

Pranksters are using Siri to get around people's passwords. They summon the voice assistant and make their commands, all while your phone is locked. Siri's actions are limited whilst in lock mode, but it doesn't stop people from dictating text messages to contacts stored in your phone and even calling them. Siri can also be used to dictate and post statuses on Facebook. We live in a very scary world!  

There are some simple steps this for happening to you. All you need to do is open your settings menu, scroll down to Siri and switch off the option that says 'Access on Lock Screen'. You'll thank us later! 

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