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Barry & Miguel Have Written A New Book Called 'Life Force'

Following his triumphant return to The Living Room last month, Barry Du Bois has announced that he has teamed up with fellow presenter Miguel Maestre for a new book detailing his cancer journey called 'Life Force'.

Barry has shared a picture of him and Miguel looking through the soon-to-be-released book saying that, "Miguel and I are so excited to announce that our book LIFE FORCE will be out 1 May"

"This is a story of friendship life food and cancer and we can't wait to share it with you."

Barry also shared an image of himself both with and without hair that featured the caption: 'Life tests us in many ways, it's up to you to make each hurdle an adventure.'

The book contains 34 recipes created specifically for Barry by Miguel 'before, during and after my treatment in consultation with experts at @chris_obrien_lifehouse.'

Barry was originally diagnosed with plasmacytoma in 2010 and underwent successful treatment.

However, during an emotional episode of The Living Room late last year, he revealed the news that his cancer had returned as multiple myeloma.

Returning to the show last month, Barry gave us an update saying, "I'm not going to kid anybody, whilst I was in hospital, the treatment I went through was hard work"

"But I'm back at home. I'm with my beautiful family, the children and (wife) Leonie -and I'm back with you guys! I reckon I'm on the right track."

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