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Backyard Wedding Featuring Couple Drinking Beer Goes Viral

In a home video that has gone viral, a young Kiwi couple named Ange and Cody have captured the magic of their wedding day, filmed on their backyard steps as they knock back umpteen beers.

It's fair to say the couple decided to go 'no-frills' as they appear to have just stumbled back from the pub, wearing what can only be described politely as 'relaxed' attire while they exchange vows.

At one point the person filming the blessed event (couldn't they have at least flipped the film to horizontal??) is distracted by a child walking past and reveals a kiddies pool stocked full of beer to keep the guests happy.

The celebrant gamely ploughs through the ceremony as Cody responds with 'Yoza' during his vows to his blushing bride, while a reluctant looking Ange (once she puts her beer to one side) opts for a raised fist instead of the more traditional response of 'I do'

You have to see this for yourself!!!

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