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Aussie ‘Woman In A Bubble’ Is Allergic To Almost Everything

An Adelaide woman has told of the perils of being allergic to almost everything in the outside world.

The 41-year-old says she’s forced to live in a single sealed, toxin-free room where she sleeps on the bathroom floor as her health continues to worsen.

Amelia Hill who’s been dubbed the 'woman in a bubble' suffers from debilitating ‘allergic’ type reactions that can last from hours to weeks.

She says her allergies were brought upon by exposure to termite spray when she was 15 years old.

Doctors first labelled Ms Hill as a hypochondriac before she was finally diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Electrohypersensitivity at the age of 33.  

Before her debilitating diagnosis she was a fashion designer who worked with luxury brands. She now writes an inspiring blog about her everyday experiences.

The 41-year-old currently resides in a long-term glass isolation house in the Adelaide Hills as her body rejects just about everything, from books and magazines to furniture and clothes. 

Sadly, Ms Hill’s health has deteriorated significantly and her medical bills continue to mount. Friend Jenny Buttaccio has vowed to help creating a Go Fund me page to help assist with her medical bills.

“Unfortunately, it breaks my heart to report her health has taken a turn for the worse. Her family, friends and I are very concerned for her well-being. She can no longer hold her body upright, and her respiratory muscles are so weak, making it is very difficult for her to breathe 24/7. No one is sure why she has deteriorated so dramatically,” Ms Buttaccio wrote.

“Amelia needs emergency care but she cannot go to the hospital, so getting the help she needs is proving to be very difficult.  Sadly, medical advice, specialist consultations, and testing are very hard to access when you're housebound with the illnesses that Amelia suffers from. Plus, her medical expenses are not covered by any insurance,” she continued.

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 The page has already raised $12,000. If you'd like to help head to Go Fund Me.


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