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Aussie Town To Host Festival Celebrating The Mullet Haircut

We all know that it is the BEST hairstyle of all time, and finally the 'mullet' is being celebrated with it's very own festival!

First worn by heavy metal rock stars in the 70's and then crossing over into the mainstream, the unique hairstyle that sees the hair cut short on the top and sides yet flowing freely at the back is finally being recognized in the Hunter Valley town of Kurri Kurri with Mullet Fest!

The festival will include a competition to award the best mullet in FIVE different  categories — every day, grubby, ranga, ladies and junior mullet and publican.

The winner from each category will then compete to be crowned the inaugural winner of the title “best mullet of them all”

Hairdresser and festival host Laura Hawkins told the Daily Telegraph that, “The mullet scene is very strong here,”

“We’ve already had 50 entries. There’s such a variety: there are the hardcore, tough mullets, but also the coiffed, well-cared-for kind.”

“I see plenty of lady mullets walking around town but I know they’re not signed up,”

“I think they’re a bit shyer than the proud male mullet.”

The festival will be held at the Chelmsford Hotel on February 24 with entries closing Thursday.

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