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Play School Is Being SLAMMED Due To One Major Issue

ABC Kids has announced it is moving Play School to an earlier time slot and parents have been left outraged.

The ABC has announced the changes on its Facebook page that are was making scheduling changes to its kid's TV times and parents have made it very apparent how angry they are.

The most notable change is Play School moving from 9:30 AM to 9 AM, which causes huge problems with parents.

Parents are freaking out that their toddlers will miss the morning episode, as they would still be out of the house on the School drop off.

One Mum said "Play School time change was a bad move," 

"We'll never watch it now. Won't even be back in time after the school run with the younger child. Disappointed!"

Another upset parent agreed: "Disappointed regarding Play School. We will miss most of it with the school run! My younger two will miss it."

The ABC has made it apparent that the show will be available on iView immediately, which means parents will always be able to watch it at 9:30 AM, if they need to.

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