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Aussie Classic Comedy The Castle Turns Twenty

Can it really be twenty years since the Kerrigan family first hit our screens and became instant Aussie icons?

Incredibly, this week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the film that shone a mirror up to suburbia and what it means to be an Australian across generations and various backgrounds.

The story of proud family man Darryl and his loving wife Sal fighting to save their home from being bulldozed contained a host of characters and catchphrases that instantly entered our collective consciousness.


If you utter lines such as “This is going straight to the pool room” “How's the serenity?” “Tell him he's dreaming” and countless more you will instantly get a knowing smile from anyone even vaguely familiar with the film and it's story of a working class battler sticking up for the little bloke.

In the pivotal scene where Darryl's reluctant lawyer Dennis Denuto addresses the court to plead the Kerrigan's case, he evoked Mabo and 'the vibe' in a way that made Aboriginal claims for land rights a more tangible concept for middle Australia to grasp.

To say that The Castle is timeless is probably the greatest compliment you can pay to the writers and cast as the film still resonates in a way so unique to us that if you're not Australian you probably won't 'get it' and we pity those that don't appreciate this loving tribute to the great Australian dream.


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