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Are These The Hardest English Words To Pronounce?

Let's face it, English isn't the easiest of languages - even for those of us who grew up speaking it!

One Reddit user decided to find out what is the hardest English word to pronounce and there were plenty of people willing to share their favourites...


Worcestershire. To the USA, anyway. I've heard a few funny pronunciations.
- Wor-kester-shire
- Whats-dis-here
- wooster-shire


When I was on Korea, I admit I did enjoy having the locals try to say "refrigerator" They always pronounced it "leefligahlata".


As a foreign speaker: Choir. Seriously. Why? Also through.

Colonel & Lieutenant:

Colonel is pronounced kernel.

Lieutenant is pronounced "loo-ten-ent" or "left-en-ent" depending on where you're from.


Any-money. Seriously though, Anne Em On Knee


What kind of word is that with an S and xth sound?

 - It's easy man just put it in a sentence like: The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

   - Sixths is even worse.


My wife can't say statistic, it always comes out "stick stick stick"


I always pronounce it regg-yur-lee.


Is it Feb - roo - erry? Or Febyurry? It usually comes out as a blur.


"Drawer".. Drarrr... Drworerr.

  - D + a seductive "rawr"


Ask. It means to inquire. It's pronounced 'assk'. It's not pronounced 'ax'. In a sentence, "I'm going to ask my parents". Not, "I'm going to ax my parents", that's something entirely different.


I have said this as eye-run or eye-ron more times than I can count. I have to really think and remember that it's eye-ern. It's the only word I have problems with.

What else would you add to the list?

h/t Mamamia

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