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Anti-Terror Barriers Are Apparently Hurting Property Prices

Residents with property neighbouring the Sydney Opera House are concerned that the unattractive security bollards could affect the price of their homes. The security bollards were erected to protect pedestrians in the high-traffic area from terror attacks like those experienced in Melbourne and overseas. 

Although residents have been promised that prettier and more permanent solutions would be in place, the only change the area has seen to the concrete bollards in the past year is that a coat of brown paint has been added. This effectively made the bollards even more unattractive. 


These kinds of structures are becoming an important and necessary addition to popular tourist locations, but local residents are angered with the lack of the more permanent solution they were told was coming. The Sydney Opera House corporation has provided a statement to The Australian saying:

“The safety and security of our patrons, visitors and staff is always a first priority,” a spokeswoman said. “The Opera House continues to work closely with NSW Police and all relevant authorities on security matters and to implement appropriate measures based on their advice.”

However, the corporation is yet to comment on what the long-term solution would be and when it could be expected. 

The barriers are expected to remain where they are for this week’s New Year’s Eve celebrations along with other security measures including security patrols. 

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