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A Woman Popped Her HUGE Cyst With A Screwdriver And SPEW

Hello, and welcome to our latest edition of "Why Do People Keep Popping Gross Things And Sending It To The Internet?"

This time we don't even have the calming, soothing voice of Dr Pimple Popper AKA Sandra Lee to ease us through the horrendous visual experience that is squeezing pus from a cyst; the clip is the result of a DIY job with a screwdriver and please, someone make it stop.

The enormous ganglion cyst appears to be on the unknown woman's wrist and, apparently, it's her second attempt at clearing out the gunk.

Thankfully she recorded it, right?

If the fact that she wasn't pushing a screwdriver into her skin wasn't bad enough, the resulting pus is the oddest, most disturbing colour we have ever seen; like a weird, translucent apple sauce.

As we said, spew.

Obviously the clip has garnered more than a million views on YouTube because we're all sickos; you can check the full thing out above.


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