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A Rhino's Horn View Of The World Could Help Stop Poachers

The war on wildlife crime is taking a new direction with technology. 

Rhinos in the wild are being fitted with GPS trackers, heart rate monitors and spy cameras embedded into Rhino's horns.

The devices are part of a campaign to stop poaching of the animals in Africa.

Conservation group, We Are Protect, initiated the trials on the Real-time Anti Poaching Intelligence Devices (RAPID) on black rhinos in South Africa.

They plan to implement field testing.


The devices are fitted in the rhinos horn in a painless procedure (as horns are made of keratin, like hair and nails), the data is streamed live to HQ.

If the animal's heart rate rapidly rises or decreases, this triggers immediate analysis of the footage, while an armed anti-poaching team scrambles to the location of the rhino.

South Africa has already lost 749 rhinos to poaching this year alone.

H/T Mashable

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