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A Die Hard Christmas Carol In Pop Up Book Form!

It has long been argued that the greatest Christmas movie is Die Hard.  Here are the main points:

  1. Die Hard is a great movie
  2. It is set on Christmas Eve
  3. All other movies are stupid

But why haven't we had any Die Hard Christmas carols?  Well, you've asked (you definitely asked, it's not MY fault if you don't remember it) and the World has answered.

In this very specific scenario, the World is comedian Bec Hill, who started in Adelaide and Melbourne, but has spent the majority of her career in the UK.  She's taken pop-up books to a new level, making super intricate dioramas with moving parts, hidden panels, and now; Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and bullets.

She's taken a chilled out Die Hard-inspired carol from Scottish musician Johnnie Common and delightfully animated it, with all the major moments and memorable deaths included.

So this Christmas, tuck the kids into bed, and instead of reading them "The Night Before Christmas", get them to sing along to "Fists, fists with my toes..."

Find out more about Bec Hill here:

And Jonnie Common:

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