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7 Images As Freaky As 'The Dress'

The internet went into meltdown recently with millions trying decide what colour 'the' dress actually was!

Here are 7 other freaky images which make your eyes go all weird…

1. Ummmmm…


2. Checkerboard illusion


The squares marked A and B on this board are the exact same colour.

3. Shapeshifting Light

Light makes an actress appear to be morphing into other people

4. Which One Is Male and Which One Is Female?

They’re actually the same androgynous face, just with different levels of contrast, which makes one appear male and one female.

5. The Morphing Floor


Carpet in a store in France makes you feel like you’ve had a few drinks…

6. Giant 3D Globe…


Nup, just flat!


7. Optical Illusion! The images are static but the contrast and colours make it appear to be moving!


Source: Buzzfeed, Huffington Post

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