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14 Year Old Arrested For Dancing the MACARENA In Saudi Arabi

We all remember the 1990's novelty hit 'Macarena' by Los Del Rio which featured two elderly guys surrounded by a bunch of young girls performing a choreographed dance that became Generation X's version of 'The Nutbush'  

Incredibly, 20 years on, a fourteen year old who stopped traffic when he performed the dance in the middle of the street has been arrested by Saudi police for 'violating public morals'.

The teenager was taken for questioning this week, despite the incident happening more than a year ago.

In the clip, the teen is seen disrupting drivers while dancing in the area of Jeddah.

Laws in Saudi Arabia give officials and judges the power to punish and arrest children at their discretion.

Saudi police said the unnamed teenager was being questioned after he had shown 'improper public behaviour' and disrupted traffic.

It's unclear whether he will be formally charged. 

Imagine what might have happened to him if he was doing 'The Time Warp'....


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