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12 Unpopular Baby Names That Used To Be Trendy

Baby name lists are definitely high on our list of favourite lists ever. 

But even this one kind of surprised us! The once-popular names have quickly fallen from the popularity ranks and into disuse. So if you want an "original" name none of your friends are picking - these could be for you!

Of the six girls names they include names of pop stars, differently-spelled versions of still popular names and names that have been falling down the ranks for over a decade.


1. Miley 

"Miley" has seen the biggest decline in popularity. It peaked in 2008 at number 128, but has since dropped to 793  between 2013 and 2014. Miley Cyrus is the most famous "Miley" but came from her nickname "smiley". It's been around for a while as a diminutive of "Miles".

2. Britney

The most famous "Britney" has to be pop sensation Britney Spears. It had surges of popularity in 1989 and 2001 but has plummeted from 118 to 1154. But the more traditional spelling "Brittany" remains in the top 500.

3. Regan

This spelling is falling out of favour in place of "Reagan" as in US President Ronald...

4. Courtney

This name has always been a solid pick, staying in the top 200 for more than three decades but it began its decline in 2003 and hasn't stopped.

5. Karly

Alternative spellings to "Carly" are all taking a massive nosedive in the charts.

6. Krystal

As is "Krystal" and "Crystal" but they're completely off the charts...


1. Channing

Unfortunately not even Channing Tatum could save this one. It peaked in popularity in 2012 but has nosedived since then by 175 spots.

2. Lamar

It's stayed in the top 500 for the majority of the 1900s but has seen a big fall in recent years. Anything to do with Lamar Odom being married to a Kardashian by chance?

3. Sidney

This one made the top 100 for boys in the 1910s, but is a unisex name that has dropped of the charts for both genders...

4. Craig

To be fair, we're not surprised on this one. Being very popular through the 20th century it has fallen quickly.

5. Denzel

The most famous "Denzel", being Washington, was partly responsible for the rise of this name in 1993 - the same year he starred in Philadelphia and The Pelican Brief. 

6. Kale

This one almost broke the top 500, but has quickly dropped off the charts. Sorry, Kale.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Top Photo: Stock Images


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