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11 Things That Would Be Different If Home Alone Happened Now


Everyone loves the holiday classic about a family abandoning their child as armed robbers attempt to ravage his home, Home Alone.

But what would happen if the movie happened now? Could it even exist??

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If Home Alone Happened Now
HomeAloneIn2014_airport.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_airport.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_TextMessage.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_TextMessage.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_BuzzsGirlfriend.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_BuzzsGirlfriend.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_Furnace.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_Furnace.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_BuyingTickets.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_BuyingTickets.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_PreBookedTickets.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_PreBookedTickets.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_Playboy.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_Playboy.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_ShovelSlayer.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_ShovelSlayer.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_PublicTelephone.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_PublicTelephone.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_PizzaHut.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_PizzaHut.jpg
HomeAloneIn2014_Facebook.jpg HomeAloneIn2014_Facebook.jpg
Home Alone movie collage Home Alone movie collage
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Good luck running through an airport like this in a post 9/11 world. No hurry through security, no stranded kid
Text messaging could have taken care of all the misunderstandings in about 7 seconds
Buzz's girlfriend would have made their relationship Facebook official long ago and there would be no need to hide her picture in a trunk
Kevin would have had a lot less panic attacks about the basement because Peter McCallister and his seemingly limitless amount of money would have a modern boiler instead of a furnace from 1936
Instead of standing in line for hours to try and book a flight, Kevin's mum could have done it in a matter of minutes online
The family would've had their tickets on their phone instead of getting them weeks in advance like some sort of domestic terrorists. That way they would've realized Kevin wasn't there
Buzz's private things would have been a computer and instead of a Playboy, I have a feeling his bookmarks would've been a little more in the direction of Brazzers
A simple Google search would prove that Buzz was lying about the South Bend Shovel Slayer
Absolutely nothing in this scene would have happened
Kevin would have been able to review the family's pizza order online and known when it was being delivered so he could be there to get a slice of cheese pizza before Buzz ate it all
His parents definitely would've found out because the story would have flooded the internet
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