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10 Things People Who Love Christmas Do Every Year

1. The house is decorated to within an inch of its life and the tree is up on December 1st AT THE ABSOLUTE LATEST!!!!

2. Christmas carols are non-negotiable at all times of the day or night. Normal music programming does not exist throughout the month of December.

3. Have at least ten Christmas themed movies that the must binge watch in the lead-up to the big day.

4. Get over-excited with present shopping – and even better – gift wrapping.

5. Force everyone in the house to wear some form of Christmas decoration / costume or accessory to get into the spirit of the holiday

6. We mean everyone… Pets included…

7. Argue with all the Christmas Naysayers who tell them they are too cheery / what a horrible time of year it is

8. Your electricity bill is hit extra hard, because not only are you running the air conditioning all month, you also have a billion Christmas lights hung up to make sure everyone in your street is feeling festive

9. Annoying their coworkers / family / friends with consistent mentions of Christmas, quoting Christmas carols or movies, counting down to the day itself and just generally being overly cheery

10. Seriously contemplate getting a photo with the shopping centre Santa, regardless of how old they are.


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