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Seven Year Switch Couple Go Skinny Dipping Before Epic FIght

Last night's episode of Seven Year Switch set tongues wagging when experimental partners Kaitlyn and Michael stripped off to skinny dip in a waterhol during their surprise holiday in the Northern Territory.

The pair first sparked controversy when Kaitlyn gave Michael a steamy massage on night one, but they weren't finished yet! The experimental partners got in the BIGGEST fight in Seven Year Switch history following their nudie swim... and that's saying something. 

The mood soured during a three hour road trip when Michael became annoyed about not eating properly on the holiday. He told Kaitlyn he felt sick and things boiled over from there.

Things quickly got personal when the boxer slammed his experimental wife's breakfast of Red Bull and a bagel with cream cheese. Despite bringing up her breakfast he then barked: 'I don't care what you f*****g eat!' 

He then accused the American woman of wanting to marry her partner Mark to get a green car... ouch! 

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