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This Song About The Aussie 'Smoko' Is Going NUTS On Facebook

An obscure song about the Aussie smoko has suddenly gone BONKS for Queensland ‘shed rock’ band, The Chats.

With never-truer lyrics such as ‘Leave me alone, I’m on smoko!’, the band has hit that sweet spot with fans - which are growing by the day.

The band’s sole video clip for ‘Smoko’, which was posted to YouTube just a couple of months ago, has already attracted more than 52,000 views – but on Facebook, it’s been viewed a phenomenal 720,000 times in just four days.

The Chats - made up of school mates Eamon Sandwith, Josh Price and Matt Boggis - have been rehearsing in a shed for more than a year.

Their name comes from Matt’s visit to the Sydney suburb of Chatswood.

As well as ‘Smoko’, the guys have about 20 original songs up their sleeve, including ‘Temperature’, ‘Pub Feed’ and ‘Bus Money’.

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