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The Beatles Catalog May Be Streaming by Christmas

The Beatles have been among the most notable holdouts when it came to allowing their songs to be available to streaming music services.  According to reports, however, that may finally change just in time for Christmas. 

Billboard says it's received conflicting reports from multiple sources close to the negotiations about when the Fab Four's catalog will be available, but maintains that "there's a strong indication" that a deal will go into effect this Thursday, December 24.

According to the magazine papers to finalize the deal to bring The Beatles' music to streaming services were signed in mid-September.  Sources suggest that most or all of the major streaming-music providers are involved in the agreement, and will have access to the band's catalog by next week.  No specific services have been confirmed, however.

The Beatles also took their time when it came to allowing their music to be sold digitally, waiting six years before they agreed to make their catalog available on iTunes.  Two million songs by the group were sold during the first week they were released via the digital service.

With or without streaming services, The Beatles have had no problem continuing to market their music to fans, offering a variety of popular remasters, reissues and compilations over the years since their 1970 breakup.  Most recently, the band released deluxe versions of their 2000 anthology, 1, that included DVDs and Blu-ray discs containing restored videos.

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