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Paul McCartney: 'Help' Was Lennon's 'Cry For Help'

Paul McCartney says The Beatles hit song Help! was literally "a cry for help" from guitarist John Lennon.

The 73-year-old rocker, one one of only two surviving members of The Beatles, said Lennon was miserable when the song was penned in 1965 because the band had been recording and touring for two years and Lennon was unhappily married to high school sweetheart Cynthia.

"Looking back on it, John was always looking for help. He had [a paranoia] that people died when he was around: His father left home when John was three, the uncle he lived with died later, then his mother died. I think John's whole life was a cry for help," McCartney told Billboard.

Lennon was fatally shot in New York City in 1980.

McCartney admitted that the best thing about their 1964 hit Eight Days A Week was the title, which the Beatles didn't even come up with themselves.

He said it came about from small talk with his car driver. "You been busy?" McCartney asked his driver. "Busy? I've been working eight days a week," he replied.

We Can Work It Out is about a fight McCartney had with his actress girlfriend Jane Asher. He said he doesn't remember the circumstances, but he was asking her to see something his way.

"It may be arrogant, but it's what every man wants to say to every girl," said McCartney.

He also shed further light on the origin of Hey Jude, which was written for Lennon's son Julian after Lennon and Cynthia got divorced.

But Lennon always suggested the song was about his relationship with Yoko Ono, especially the line "You have found her, now go and get her."

McCartney admitted "the only thing about Julian in the song is the first lines," but didn't elaborate on who else the song addressed.


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