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Lenny Kravitz Who Calls Paris Home Talks About Attacks

Lenny Kravitz is one of more than two million people who call Paris home. In an op-ed on, Kravitz gave his thoughts on the November 13 terrorist attacks, where 89 people were killed inside the Bataclan concert hall during an Eagles of Death Metal show.

"Whether it was anybody I knew or not, it hit a chord with me and I'm deeply concerned," he writes. "I think at this point, it could happen anywhere. I live my life onstage and in venues and these things can happen. And they're being chosen as targets."

Kravtiz feels a special connection to the Bataclan, too.

"I've played on the stage of the Bataclan. I've gone to concerts there," he says. "Back in the '90s, Alice in Chains were playing there and they invited me up onstage to jam with them. The last show I saw there was The Black Keys and I was up in the balcony. It's an institution."

Kravitz wasn't in Paris at the time of the attacks -- he was in the Bahamas -- though he says he's "not worried about returning" to the City of Light.

"I was in New York for 9/11. Things bounced back," he says. "But in general, I think life is changing. You'll definitely think about it when you're sitting in a café or in a restaurant."

"Obviously, we're talking about France and these people, but at the same time, these things are going on all over, in Lebanon, Syria, Africa," Kravitz continues. "I'm concerned about this on every level for everybody. It's not just 'pray for Paris' it's 'pray for the world.'"

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