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Vinyl Lovers Are Rightfully Freaking Out Over New Technology

Love vinyl records? Well, Christmas has come early my friend. We've just discovered that a brand new technology promises to slash costs and improve the sound quality of records. 

It's no secret that vinyl is well and truly back! In August we learnt that the revenue from vinyl rose 32 percent last year to $416 million – the highest since 1988.

For the second year in a row, vinyl revenue has outstripped what the industry takes from ads on YouTube and Free Spotify.

In the words of Dave Barry, ‘The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl.’

There's nothing like spinning some wax to drift away and forget about the worries of the world. 

Presumably to keep up with demand, a Dutch vinyl company named Symcom has created an injection moulding system that promises to cut production costs, improve sound quality and reduce the environmental impact of conventional record pressing. Triple happiness! 

According to Fact, in conventional vinyl manufacturing, the plastic is pushed on the grooves at an angle – but the injection-moulding method injects plastic straight into the record’s grooves, which copies the grooves on the stamper more accurately.

This method reduces the energy using in the process by up to 65%, could drastically reduce turn-around time from 12 - 16 week to just two. 

However, traditional vinyl records are said to be slightly more durable than the injection-moulded samples Symcom has made so far. 

It certainly looks like the vinyl boom isn't about to slow down anytime soon. 

Watch the video above to see how this amazing technology works. 

Source: Fact Mag

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