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The WHOPPING Amount Of Cash Acca Dacca Raked In Over 2016

It's been a turbulent year for your favourite Aussie rock band, AC/DC, yet they've still managed to rake in the big dollars!

Between ex-drummer Phil Rudd repeatedly making headlines for drug and murder threat convictions, Brian Johnson being forced to stop due to hearing loss and fans of the band being outraged by Axl Rose replacing him - 2016 has been less than smooth for the band. 

This hasn't stopped them from earning an impressive amount of cash. The veteran rockers are still able to pull in the big money and have been ranked number seven in terms of earning power for 2016, Forbes magazine says.

US pop star Taylor Swift, boy band One Direction and British singer Adele are the highest paid musicians in the world this year.

Here are the top 10:

Taylor Swift — $US170 million

One Direction — $US110 million

Adele — $US80.5 million

Madonna — $US76.5 million

Rihanna — $US75 million

Garth Brooks — $US70 million

AC/DC — $US67.5 million

Rolling Stones — $US66.5 million

Calvin Harris — $US63 million

Diddy - $US62 million

AC/DC's annual income of $US67.5 million managed to top The Rolling Stones, which we think is more than impressive.

Looks like Axl Rose joining the band hasn't been as catastrophic as many people thought it would be... 

You're doing Australia proud, AC/DC!

Source: AAP/Staff Writers

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