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Married At First Sight: 'Justice For Jo' Momentum Grows

Momentum is gathering for Jo McPharlin to get a second chance at love.

Earlier this week, the bubbly 39-year-old said she wouldn't hesitate to be part of another season of Married At First Sight after being unceremoniously dumped by 'husband' Sean Donnelly.

While the majority of MAFS internet chatter is over the Tracey/Dean/Davina clusterf**k, fans of the show are dead-set on getting Jo back, essentially giving her the same opportunity that was given to John Robertson.


John first appeared on our screens in Season 4, where he 'married' Deborah Brosnan (above), who famously rejected him because she was 'after someone from the Polynesian islands'.

His second shot at love this season seems to have so far paid off. His 'marriage' to Melissa Walsh (below) appears to be not just intact…but actually going strong.


This week, NW Magazine responded with a 'Justice for Jo' petition on Instagram.

"Official petition to have her back next season with a new hubby starts here," the caption read.

Similar chatter has also appeared on Reddit, with one thread simply titled: 'Am I The Only One Who Thinks They Should Bring Back Jo For The Next Season Like They Did With John?'

Most agreed that either Jo - or even Alycia - should get a second crack.


"Definitely. I think the experts (or producers) botched it this time with Sean. He's not a bad guy, he just wasn't right for her at all. She was too much personality and he just felt completely overwhelmed by her. It was a bad match," was one comment.

"I felt like I hardly saw her on the show," another said of Alycia, who was dumped by 'husband' Mat (pictured above).

"I'm positive either Jo or Alycia will be the returnee next season"

Pics courtesy of Nine

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