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Meet The Doggo That Is Like, 90% Tongue

Meet Mochi, the rescued St Bernard who holds the Guinness World Record for the "Longest Tongue on a Dog (current)".

You may also refer to her as "The Dog At The End Of The Tongue That Has Been Licking Me For The Last 10 Minutes".

18.58 centimetres from snout to tip. 7.3 inches in the old money.  This video of Mochi being Mochi is incredible and hilarious.  Please enjoy.

Her hobbies include dribbling, eating peanut butter and of course, licking her own face.

All-time record holder for the longest tongue on a dog (ever) was held by a Boxer called Brandy and came in at a slobbering 43 centimetres long - 1 foot 5 inches.


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