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You Won't Believe How Much Judge Judy Is Selling Her Re-Runs

Judge Judy earns decent coin, there's no doubt about that. 

But we can't believe just how much she is set to profit off her RE-RUNS!

On top of her $61 million annual pay packet for her current season, the 74-year-old has recently negotiated the rights to all of her back catalogue - and that's a lot of episodes. 

How much does she want from a TV network to play old episodes of her show?

Reportedly in the ballpark of $260 million! 

While we love watching her sassy repartee as she shuts down the guilty and advocates for the (presumably) innocent, that is A LOT!

Judge Judy will also continue making new episodes until 2020 - which will mark 24 seasons.

Plenty more time to serve justice! 


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