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You Will NEVER Guess Who Almost Played ‘Joey’ In ‘FRIENDS’

It's hard to imagine FRIENDS without Matt LeBlanc's iconic lady's man, Joey Tribbiani.

Funnily enough, the iconic '90s character almost went to another actor...


Believe it! Vince Vaughn, was once considered for the role of Joey Tribbiani.

As the story goes, the Wedding Crashers star auditioned, but didn't land the role despite the show's casting director Ellie Kanner, stating that Vince was 'tall and handsome' and a 'good actor'.

Although he didn't make it on the show, the silver lining - we guess - is that he went on to date Jennifer Aniston from 2005-2006 after the pair had co-starred in The Break-up.

Meanwhile, Vince's best friend John Favreau, was offered the role of Chandler Bing, but turned it down and instead starred in Swingers - the movie that launched his career.

Hey, if Vince did land the role, this iconic catchphrase probs wouldn't exist...


Source: The Lad Bible

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