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Will & Grace Release New Teaser We Didn't Know We Needed

September 28 can't come quick enough Will & Grace (& Karen & Jack) fans! 

The gang were up to their old antics in the latest teaser trailer released this week. 

While Jack and Karen can't decide whether to slap each other or tongue wrestle, we were reminded of the undying love between the show's titular characters.

Time's passed by but it definitely looks like the humour is the same! 

We're still pondering how they will explain the final episode of the original run, which saw Will and Grace stop talking for almost 20 years until the pair were reunited through their teenage kids who go on to get married.

Was it just a dream sequence? An alternative ending? 

We do however know from an interview with Debra Messing recently that the new season is set in real time in 2017. 

We can't wait! (And if we were Trump, we'd be scared). 

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