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We Are Being Warned NOT To Open This Netflix Message

Beware of this fake Netflix scam!

NSW Police Force have today shared this image to warn people not to fall for this Netflix branded scam.

The caption reads, "Marie Kondo your inbox by tidying up your emails and discarding anything like this, because this scam will not spark joy. ✨🙅🏻‍♀️"

"Beware of a fake Netflix email scam that’s going around. The email says your account has been suspended and urges you to click on a link leading you to a Netflix-branded phishing page. If you get this email do not click on links or enter personal data."

The scam email asks users to input their account details, using a Netflix branded phishing page.

"We’ve temporarily suspeneded [sic] your account due to some issues in the automatic verification process," the email reads.

"We will provide you with all the steps you need to unlock your account. Please follow these instructions after you click on the link below."

The email includes several spelling, grammar and formatting errors and abnormalities, and, the display name of the email has a lower case 'L' instead of the letter 'I' in 'Netflix'.

Anyone who receives his email should delete it from their inbox immediately.

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