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Why Helen Mirren Can have Boobs And Still Be A Serious Actor

From the introduction of Mirren as being "...especially telling in projecting sl*ttish eroticism" onwards, this interview makes us cringe. 

Thankfully even back in 1975 Helen Mirren had the confidence and grace to challenge the sexist undertones from Michael Parkinson - some less subtle than others. 

Statements about how her breasts may detract from dramatic performances and how people often focus on her sex appeal instead of seeing her as a "serious actress" come to mind.

The interviewer also pressured Mirren on discussing and labeling her parents due to their wealth and profession. 

But Mirren remained a picture of class, often rebuking Parkinson's statements or trying to change the tone of the conversation. 

Mirren was actually appearing on the show to discuss her latest acting venture, playing Lady Macbeth... but little time was given to that topic.

And just when we thought the interview was taking a turn for the better, the subject of nudity came up.

Parkinson even questioned why Mirren thought it was okay to expose herself on the screens and in plays but rejected an offer to appear naked in Playboy magazine. 

Once again her response was perfect.

We have so much respect for this woman!

And thankfully she has stood the test of time in Hollywood that can be oh so fickle. 

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