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Tom Hanks Reveals He Didn't Voice All Of Woody In Toy Story

It appears that Tom Hanks has been keeping a snake in his boot, or rather, he's been keeping a darn big secret, in regards to his role as Woody in Toy Story.

And the news was even more shocking than the time that the toys almost died in that fiery furnace in the third installment of the film series.

And that is that Tom Hanks, who famously voiced Andy's favourite toy cowboy Woody, actually outsourced some of the voice work to another person!

Yep, Tom Hanks was not actually the only person behind Woody's infamous quotes like "This town ain't big enough for the two of us," and now our whole childhood seems like a lie!

So how on earth did the makers of Toy Story pass this other voice off as Woody without us noticing? Well because the voice was actually pretty darn similar to that of fact it was his own brother Jim Hanks who helped him out with the part.

"After doing a line 18 different ways, your diaphragm is busted, your throat is raw, you've spit all over your copy, and this is your fourth hour doing this," explained Tom Hanks.

And so apparently, he asked Disney to hire his brother to help him out.

Now rumour has it that Tom did voice all of Woody for the films and the trailers, however, Jim was brought in to voice Woody in the extra commitments such as computer and video games, Disneyland adventure ries, Disney Pixar spin-offs and all Toy Story related TV shows.

And the biggest slap in the face? All of those years that you treasured your talking Woody doll as a child, that was actually Jim's voice too, not Tom's.

So next time you go and pull the drawstring on your Woody doll and he says "There's a snake in my boot," your response should be, "Are you sure the snake's not just you Tom?!".

Naaahhh we're kidding we still love you Tom Hanks. But we will need some time to get over this shocking revelation...

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