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This Sydney Train Station Has A Crying Teenage Girl Ghost…

Travelling through a train station at night is creepy at most places, but there’s one train station in particular that you should probably steer clear of at night…

You know, if you hate the sound of teenage ghost girls crying, that is...

Witnesses over time have revealed that after the last train departs Macquarie Fields station at around 12:30am, a young girl appears.

In fact, Macquarie Fields station has featured on many lists outlining the 10 most haunted places in Sydney.

It’s said that the teenage girl has a ‘dark splatter of blood covering her front’ and she’s wearing dancing clothes.

Many say that her cries start off as faint and can be heard on the breeze… as the night goes on the crying changes into a scream.

Paranormal website, Urban Ghosts, says, “Some say they’ve seen her shrieking in terror at some unknown sight, while others have reported that she simply sits in the middle of the tracks and cries and cries.”

It seems that though many people know about the little girl at the train station, nobody knows what happened to her and why she haunted this particular station.

She isn’t thought to be dangerous, but she sure is a MYSTERY!

Steer clear, me thinks…

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