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This New Movie Is Being Called A Five-Star Masterpiece

It’s not often that a movie blows a tough audience out of the water - the tough audience being us, as we’re exposed to so much these days, we become harsher judges over time.

So when we hear a movie being described as ‘a five-star masterpiece’, we take note.

Dunkirk, annoyingly best known at the moment for featuring Harry Styles, is the movie critics love.

Christopher Nolan, who is responsible for ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy and ‘Inception’ is at the helm of Dunkirk.

It may well be his best film yet, according to viewers, and is already generating Oscar buzz.

“It is so tightly structured and paced, there is not a single wasted moment or shot in Dunkirk — everything has a purpose and fits in as a vital piece of the cohesive whole,” according to a report on

Usually, war flicks are filled with blood and gore, and can turn viewers off.

However, Dunkirk seems to deliver the same meaning, without the blood.

The biggest surprise? Harry Styles is described as ‘surprisingly great’, who knew?!


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