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This Is The Offspring Scene That Left Viewers Stunned

They are the Offspring couple that every loves and last season we saw them reconcile their differences, even after Zara admitted she had cheated on Jimmy.

However, on Wednesday night it looked like the couple have called it quits for good, with fans saying they had just watched  'The worst break up ever!' 

During the episode, Jimmy yelled 'You f**ked another man... I hate you!' in a crowded café while Zara began to sob.

The TV couple’s argument, who share two children, started with Jimmy saying Zara didn't want to marry him because she had 'lowered her bar' to be with him.

Zara then said she didn’t want to marry anyone, saying: 'It was never about you, but you made it about you.'

The conversation then saw Zara slamming Jimmy for being a failure.

Jimmy responded furiously: 'I gave you everything you ever asked for. I worked a sh**ty job to support you. And while I was at home raising OUR sons, you f**ked another man!'

Diners turned to watch the fight, as Jimmy said tearfully: 'I've never been good enough for you, I never will be. I hate you!'

Zara then began to cry but fans of the show said 'Jimmy grew some balls. And I like it' and 'Jimmy is taking no sh*t from anybody'

'Damn Jimmy. I'm not crying, you are,' one fan said. Another viewer tweeted: 'Oh no. Jimmy and Zara got nasty'.

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