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This Is The Most Amazing Ghostbusters Reunion Of All Time

Get ready Ghostbuster fans. 

To mark official 'Ghostbusters Day' the cast of both the original movie and the reboot joined forces to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

As we anticipate the release of the new all-female version of the cult classic, we could never forget the original. 

And it seems like there's no animosity between the two casts. 

Director Paul Feig tweeted the photo of the group behind the scenes... 

We love this so much! 

And a Ghostbusters special it was! 

The original cast reminisced on filming scenes illegally in NYC!

And the Iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Meanwhile, the all female cast addressed the the anger from fans of the original about the reboot and that women will be playing the main characters. 

But they are still completely encouraged in the product that they have produced and the new take on the classic.

And we couldn't talk Ghostbusters without that theme song!

The cast old and new put on their dancing shoes with Jimmy Kimmel. 

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