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THIS Is How The Block Got Around The Whole ’No Money’ Thing

For the last few weeks, a few of ‘The Block’ couples - not Josh and Elyse, mind you - have been struggling with money.

Weeks on end of not winning challenges has proved troublesome for Hannah & Clint and Jason & Sarah in particular, with the latter of the two almost unable to finish their room reveal a few weeks back.

Backyards also proved costly this week, and no doubt producers began to wonder what they were going to do… how could the show continue if half the homes couldn’t be finished?

So last night, when Josh and Elyse won best backyard in reveals, there was definitely inner eye rolls coming from the other contestants… but also from some of the viewers, as anxiety kicked in while we realised it was Clint & Hannah’s fifth last-place loss in a row.


Then, as if by magic, Scotty Cam delivered the life-saving news they needed…

‘In building, you always have to have a contingency plan. It’s a percentage of the costs allocated to build. Sometimes you use it, sometimes you don’t. I’ve never used it… tomorrow morning you’ll find $25,000 in each of your accounts to help you finish.’

It was phrased as if it wasn’t something the producers just came up with in a bid to get the show to the finish line… which I’m not saying is the case, but it was definitely not something anyone knew about!

Looks like we’ll make it to auction after all…

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