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This ASOS Bikini Has Gone Viral Thanks To One Weird Detail

A photo posted to the official ASOS Instagram account is the latest thing to cause a stir online.

The image is of a model wearing a fun bikini, (which is so cute by the way!) with a carrot stick in one hand, and a cocktail in the other.

However, the Internet has taken issue with the model's choice, or combination of food on the plate it looks like she is about to dig into.

One person wrote, "Nice bikini.... WHAT THE F**K IS SHE EATING?".

Another said, "Lovely bikini. . . interesting collection of food?!"

Zooming in on the photo, we too are a bit confused by the plate.

What meal is she having? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? A blend of them all?

But who are we to judge her food choices! It does look kind of tasty...


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