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These Miss Peru Contestants Were Asked For Body Measurements

This year's Miss Peru competition has turned typical beauty pageants on their head in the best way possible.

While other contestants at times fumble over the answer to world peace or supporting the troops, this competition made a starkly feminist statement. 

In previous years each contestant has taken to the microphone to recite their measurements - bust, waist, hips. 

This year they took turns instead revealing startling facts about sexual abuse, domestic violence and femicide. 

Also during the swimsuit portion of the competition, newspaper clippings were also projected onto the set about the same issues. 

The message?

Women own their bodies and regardless of what they choose wear, they do not deserve abuse or harassment. 

We love that a line has been drawn in the sand in such a public forum.

Hopefully it will help people sit up and take notice. 

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