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Some Really Bad News For Australian Ninja Warrior Fans

If you are hooked to Ninja Warrior.. then don’t get used to it..
It looks like the show will only actually run for THREE WEEKS!

That’s right, the Block will return to Channel 9 in Ninja Warriors spot on July 30th at 7PM, which by our books means Ninja Warrior will finish on July 24th/July 25th.

Channel 9 is promising that the stakes have never been higher in this series of The Block with contestants revitalising five 100-year-old homes.

Each Block is a huge 470 square metres, which must be given a new extension and a backyard.

There are five new couples on the show, including;

• Josh (28) and Elyse (24), dating for four years, from Melbourne, VIC
• Hannah (31) and Clint (33), married for five years, from Townsville, QLD
• Sticks (31) and Wombat (38), best mates for fifteen years, from South Coast, NSW
• Ronnie (41) and Georgia (33), married for six years, from Perth, WA
• Jason (46) and Sarah (45), married for eighteen years, from Melbourne, VIC

Scott Cam will be joined by Shelley Craft, Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer plus foreman Keith Schlieger and Dan Reilly.

The Block returns on Sunday July 30th at 7PM on Channel 9.

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