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There's A New Show Coming To Aussie TV

Foxtel has announced the cast for a new Aussie show called Common Sense, which is from the makers of Googlebox.

Common Sense will premiere on July 5, featuring 24 ordinary Aussie, aged from 21 to 92, in ten workplaces, giving their views on the week's news events.

The cast members we have been introduced to already include hairdressing others Nicki, 31, and Kathy, 45, while business partners Robert, 70, and Lord Frank, 74, will be there too.

We will also be introduced to Brett and Lawrence; retirees Jean, Aileen and Ted; real estate agents Jake and Ayden; and butchers Luke and Eric.

“We’ll be covering the headlines everyone is talking about to the more obscure stories viewers might have missed,” executive producer David McDonald says.

The show will also air on Channel Ten the following night, July 6th.

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