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HUGE Error That You Missed On 'This Time Next Year'

Karl Stefanovic’s new TV show This Time Next Year was a huge success last night, with 1.2 million of us tuning in to see people change their lives.

However, according to, not everything went to plan on the show.

Last night, we met 33-year-old office worker Mel Goh who revealed that “This time next year I’ll be a stuntwoman.’’

During filming, it was revealed by  Nine’s Head of Production and Development, Trent Chapman to that “Presuming Mel was successful, we had always intended that she would perform some sort of stunt when she came back the next year,” 

“We looked at all sorts of options for the reveal and somehow the discussion came around to her being on fire.”

And while trials of the stung went well, ‘ in the heat of the moment, so to speak, there was a small problem.”

On the night, Mel walked out onto stage covered in flames with two safety officers, who doused the flames with extinguishers.

“Some of the foam sprays went onto the very, very expensive LED screen at the back [of the stage] and they were ruined,” Mr Chapman said.

“I think it was about $40,000 worth of damage. Sorry to our insurers.”

Oh dear!

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