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The Voice host savages Abbott Government

Darren McMullen, co-host of The Voice in Australia, has taken a swipe at the Australian Government saying "idiots are running the country".

McMullen has hosted the last four seasons of The Voice in Australia and is also plays the character Alex in the Nine drama House Housebands.

McMullen spoke with and did not hold back on his opinion of the Abbott Government in Australia.

"It's these idiots running the country that aren't the voice of the country, who are making decisions on behalf of everyone else." He said. "It pisses me off that so many people in this country are so apathetic about it".

The Voice star is particularly in sensed about Abbott government refusal to accept same sex marriage.

"What's really frustrating is that the majority of Australians would vote in favour of marriage equality. It's human rights"

"This government will be looked at with the same level of disgust as abusers of human rights 60, 70 or 80 years ago. Whether it's against black equality, apartheid in South Africa. There's no difference. They're just doing it in a more-clever way, now. People aren't dying over it but the culture is dying.

The Federal Government's attitude towards the environment also angers McMullen.

"Our environmental policies are throwing the world back decades. We're pushing loads of money into f***ing coal and bullshit forms of energy that are actually damaging the universe while every other country in the world is moving towards green power," he told

The treatment of refugees also came under fire from McMullen.

"The environmental issues he's causing, the human rights catastrophe that's going on in this country with refugees who are escaping regimes. We went into these regimes, f***ed up their country, and because they are aligned with our philosophies and our lives they can't go back to those countries because they will be thrown in jail or, worse, executed. So they try and escape to a better country ie. Australia. We put them in prison or worse, where we put the scunge of society. Where we put convicted rapists, child molesters and murderers.


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