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The Very Real Problem Facing Survivor’s Female Contestants

Ever cringed when you realised you probably should have shaved before wearing that skirt?

Well imagine that feeling when you’re being broadcast on national television!

That’s one dilemma that faces Survivor’s female contestants – in particular when it comes to their underarm hair.

Talking to Mamamia, contestant Jennah-Louise revealed she was concerned during filming that her hair would come back to haunt her.


“I found it funny because when we were winning challenges at the start, I was throwing my hands up in the air and having a good time,” She said.

“Then, my underarm hair started growing more and I started not [doing that] anymore.

“I just thought, 'It's guaranteed someone is going to make a meme out of this and I don't want it to be me!’”

While Jennah-Louise may have been caught out by her razorless experience, not everyone was so unprepared.

According to the ousted contestant, a few of the other women decided to take some proactive action before the show – booking in for laser hair removal treatments.

It’s not the only predicament facing the show’s female competitors.

Last month eliminated contestant, Kate, revealed what happened when Aunt Flo came to visit.


“From the other women I've spoken to about it - because I was also so curious - they were supplied with sanitary products,” she told Mamamia.

She also revealed that there’s not much opportunity for contestants to practice good hygiene with toothbrushes and showers also off the cards.

They really make it sound like an appealing experience!

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