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Trailer For New "The Little Mermaid" Is NOT What We Expected

Disney has ordered a raft of live-action remakes of some of their most-loved classic animations after the incredible success of Cinderella and The Jungle Book; according to reports, the casting for Aladdin is already underway, and the buzz around Emma Watson's Beauty And The Beast has reached fever pitch ahead of its March 23 release.

So we were only slightly surprised to learn that not only was a live-action version of The Little Mermaid on its way, the first trailer had actually already dropped.

What we WERE a bit taken aback by, however, was that it seems to have absolutely no similarities to the Disney film of the same name; rather, it's based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, following a little girl who believes she has found the real "Little Mermaid".

It's all very ~mysterious~ and English, but we're loving the addition of the legendary Shirley MacLaine, who seems to know more about the Little Mermaid's story than she should.

We don't have an exact release date just yet, but it's tipped to be in cinemas later this year; in the meantime, check out the trailer in the clip above.

Anyone else wish there was at least singing lobster in there?

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