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The Awkward Moment You Might Have Missed On The Today Show

Whenever anyone mentions the name Amber Sherlock, a Channel Nine reporter, all we can think about is that seriously awkward moment when she and colleague Julie Snook both wore a white top during a broadcast.

In case you missed it, both women were all smiles during the part that went to TV, however it wasn't until later on that we all realised just how uncomfortable the wardrobe mistake was when someone leaked behind-the-scenes footage of Sherlock slamming Snook for wearing the same colour as her and telling her to put a jacket on.

It became known as Jacket Gate and it caused such a stir on social media that you would think they would never let a situation like this occur ever again! But it seems that there was a slight oversight during this morning's broadcast of The Today show on Channel Nine.

The show's newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys, looking stunning as usual, was seen wearing a light, blush pink jacket. During her report, Jeffreys crossed to weather reporter Jess Millward in Brisbane who was wearing the same, identical jacket!

The pair waited until the end of the weather segment to make mention of the coincidence, with Jeffreys making comment on the current warm weather saying,

"Safe to say Jess, neither of us will need our jackets over the weekend."

Ms Millward then attempted to continue the joke, but actually made things even more awkward saying with a laugh,

"Well we've got two. I hope no one leaks what you said about me in the break!"

And it just went downhill from there when co-host of the show, Karl Stefanovic jumped in.

"They're not the same jackets are they?" Stefanovic asked.

"They're exactly the same", replied Ms Jeffreys.

Karl seemed confused by the slightly different shades of colour in the jacket but Sylvia said that was because, "It's different lighting Karl".

And while we might start seeing the hashtag 'Jacketgate2.0' popping up on social media sometime soon describing the awkward encounter, we know that Sylvia Jeffreys is an absolute champ, who would have taken this incident with a grain of salt.

But seriously, we have suspicions that someone in the wardrobe department keeps stitching up the reporters over there at channel nine.

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