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'The Price Is Right' Contestant Falls On Her Ass After Wheel

Everyone knows the game show, 'The Price Is Right', which gives contestants the opportunity to win big bucks.

But imagine finally getting your chance to 'COME ON DOWN', only to completely embarrass yourself by taking the hosts catchphrase a bit too literally by falling SMACK BANG on your ass...

This is the stuff of nightmares, right up there with making a speech only to realise you're completely naked. But unfortunately it became a reality for contestant Renee.

When the woman was about to spin the wheel, the show's host warned her to be careful with her fresh manicure that featured Drew Carey-themed nails.

It was at this point that Renee lost her hold on the wheel, mid spin, and fell straight to the ground.

The poor woman was left completely red faced and speechless after her not-so-graceful stunt.

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